• V. Bondar Полт НТУ
  • Р. М. Akhmednabiyev Полт НТУ
  • R. R. Akhmednabiyev Полт НТУ


The properties of fly ash and slag of boilers with circulating fluidized bed are under
consideration. In the Donetsk region several new generations of boilers are operating,
permitting to burn the poor fossil fuels, including coal tailings. The ash and slag produced in
this case are having somewhat different properties in contrast to the conventional waste TPP.
In the study of fly ash and slag’s properties, the up-to-date methods are applied, based on
X-ray phase (XRD), DT and spectral analyses.
The question of the allocation of a large area of land for the storage of waste at thermal
power plants. It was found that in windy weather wastes soar into the air, creating a cloud of
dust and chemicals dissolved in rainwater and contaminate groundwater
The aim of the present study is to identify the influence of fly ash on the strength properties of heavy concrete and on its resistance to water saturation and drying.
The research strength of concrete based on mathematical experiment planning
Keywords: Fly ash, ash and slag, boilers with a circulating fluidized bed, strength, concrete.

Дані про авторів

V. Bondar, Полт НТУ
Р. М. Akhmednabiyev, Полт НТУ
R. R. Akhmednabiyev, Полт НТУ


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Bondar V. Influence of fly ash and slags of boiler with circulating fluidized bed on properties of concrete / V. Bondar, AkhmednabiyevР.М., R.R. Akhmednabiyev // ACADEMIC JOURNAL Series: Industrial Machine Building, Civil Engineering. – Полтава: ПНТУ, 2017. – Т. 2 (47). – С. 148-154. – Режим доступу: (дата звернення: 18.01.2019).