Галузь та проблематика

Presenting the researches results in the area of building works mechanization, design and exploitation of building structures and their improvement, examining the current problems of soil mechanics, geotechnics and foundation engineering

Політика відкритого доступу

Цей журнал практикує політику негайного відкритого доступу до опублікованого змісту, підтримуючи принципи вільного поширення наукової інформації та глобального обміну знаннями задля загального суспільного прогресу.

Історія журналу

On behalf of the Editorial Board of the printed scientific specialized edition “Collection of academic papers. Series: Industrial Machine Building, Civil Engineering”, I would like to address academics, postgraduates, researchers and practitioners.

Our “Collection of academic papers”, which has regularly been coming out since 1999, is a highly professional national-level edition. Our main purpose is to cover actual problems of mechanic engineering and building industry, and to provide maximum wide distribution of information on their solution.

The journal is on the list of professional editions where results of thesis research can be published. On a regular basis it presents the most considerable scientific achievements of leading researchers, postdoctoral students, postgraduate students, faculty members, students and practitioners. Research articles published in the journal cover wide range of issues relating to construction work mechanization, technologies of machine construction, motor transport and motorways, building structures and constructions, civil engineering, heat and gas supply, building thermal physics, water supply, building materials and constructional products, urban planning and land-use planning.

The journal is made ready for publishing in close cooperation with well-known scientific schools, centers for post-graduate and postdoctoral tuition, which were established in Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University (PoltNTU). Furthermore the editorial board of the journal is in regular creative communications with leading technical and civil engineering higher educational establishments of Ukraine as well as with foreign colleagues.

I would like to lay the stress on the fact that our editorial board includes 18 Doctors of Science and Full Professors of corresponding branch of science, who are representatives of universally recognized scientific schools. Among the Editorial board members, 7 scientists work for PoltNTU, 6 researches are representatives of leading higher educational establishment of Ukraine, and 5 members are foreign specialists (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia). Due to the fact that in the Editorial board there are scientists from different countries, our journal is a high-quality edition, which provides international publicity for actual problems of engineering sciences and practice.

We do realize that it is possible to get internationally recognized provided that we has quite high citation index. That is why we carry out work so that to put the journal on the lists of widely known international scientometric databases, and information about the journal will be available in the major libraries in the world. For example, in recent years, the journal presented research articles written by leading scientists from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, Estonia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Canada, Korea, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, France, Croatia and other countries.

We offer cooperation and welcome authors to publish their actual research articles, which have something important to contribute to the development of machinery construction and building industry. In our edition researchers and practitioners can obtain information about modern scientific achievements. Students and postgraduates can get experience of generalization and publication of their research results.

We hope that our collaboration with authors and readers will be long-term and fruitful.